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My Humble Achievement

alan wee

Myself in 2009

william wong

Finally I met William Wong in 2012 with his book.

Hi. My name is Alan Wee, I joined ERA in 2009.


Initially, real estate sales was not my cup of tea. In fact, I hate sales so much that I avoid all sales related jobs.


Back then, I was working as a 9-5 salaried man before I came into this trade. I had changed multiple jobs earlier in my formative years. I had always wanted to seek a breakthrough in my career. Incidentally, I was retrench in 2009 when Lehman Brothers collapsed. I just got married and was a broke man.


Jobs opportunities were far and few. The real estate market was very soft and employers were not hiring. I couldn’t find any jobs even with a diploma in building services from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and a degree majoring in real estate from NUS. I was jobless for months!


Enough was enough! I mastered my courage and walked into an ERA office and signed up as a real estate agent in Oct 2009. Back then, I thought joining ERA was my ultimately breakthrough. But I was wronged! That was the beginning of my worst nightmare….


My first 7 months was a disastrous. I was firing blank bullets and managed to achieve a few hundred dollars worth of commission only. My saving of $5,000 was drying up quickly. I even have to go to place of worship for free meals! I couldn’t even close the simplest deal.  I was wondering if this was even a job to begin with! Can I really make my fortune in real estate sales? Is that for real?


Nevertheless, I was determine to make it. I internalize how things work. I copy how top producers go about their day. I read sales books. I attended ERA training again and again. I go back to office to do cold calling. I knock on HDB flats in the evening. Over the weekend, I did roadshow at a nearby market. I even throw flyers by my own just to save money! The more activities I undertake the more sales I achieved gradually.


It was through sheer determination and perseverance before I unlock the puzzle to real estate sales. It was through much heartache and rejections before I start to see the results of all the baby steps I took.


Since then, I have been a consistent Top Achiever in ERA. Now, my primary focus is on the residential sector and that includes HDB, condominiums, landed properties and new homes.


I have never looked back ever since. It was a blessing in disguise that I was retrenched in 2009. There is a saying in sales, “The Sky, The Limit!


Real estate sales has transformed me as an individual. Come join me. I will walk you through this journey together!

I am blessed to be in ERA where I can leverage on the company branding and various platforms to achieve breakthrough results. I am also an agent that embraces technology in my work as I believe to stay relevant is to go digital.


Please continue to read on how I can help you to accelerate your sales.


Some of my humble achievement over the years.

I am a strong believer in giving back to my division that groom me till date. I am honor to share with my fellow colleagues through monthly training.

I strongly believe in “We Grow By Sharing!”

Conducting Division Training – How to help your client to buy enbloc potential property

Conducting Division Training – Transform to a digital agent

Division Monthly Training – Maximizing Financial Calculation

Conducting Division Training – Another full house!

“I believe in EMPOWERING agents with the RIGHT SKILLS through TRAINING.” 

Sharing on landed properties fundamental

Another sharing session on financial calculation.

Separately, I also conduct exclusive private training for fellow colleagues on various topics. I am a firm believer that we have to constantly upgrade our skills to stay relevant.

training 2

Sharing session with fellow colleagues on financial calculation.

success with era

Conducting internal training with fellow colleagues on HDB procedures.

I believe in value adding agents to fulfill their full potential. I walk the talk. And most importantly I am still very active in sales!

visiting SF

Organized showflat visits with colleagues

doork knocking - woodlands

Leading fellow colleagues to prospect to HDB owners

door knock 1

I am still active doing sales prospecting!

Free Monthly Training!

How to create breakthrough in sales in 2018 by following these simple 10 strategy

How to create breakthrough in sales in 2018 by following these simple 10 strategy


Transforming to a Digital Agent (Part 2)



“Time flies. I knew Alan Wee through cobroking a HDB sale few years ago. Needless to say, the transaction was closed smoothly with Alan’s professionalism. After the sale, we sat down and realised that we have a lot of similar goals and direction in the real estate career. One of them is adding value to fellow agents who are struggling to breakthrough and earning a decent living. With this, Alan became one of ERA Horizon Group’s Key Trainers and is vital for the group’s growth from a small team of 20+ agents to 7 divisions closed to 300 agents currently. Being a graduate from NUS majoring in real estate studies and his previous job experience in other real estate consultancy firms, he is well known for his expertise and knowledge in Enbloc sales and landed properties.”

ERA Executive Group Division Director – John Lee


“Alan wee was one of the most selfless leader I had ever met during my career. He will always take time to ensure that his agent progress in his/her career, through very detailed one to one mentoring, on site training etc.
Alan wee always had a passion to share and teach others and he derived great satisfaction from seeing others benefit through his teachings and guidance.
Even as a salesperson, he’s one of the most knowledgeable agent I had ever seen. Personally I had learnt much from him, from enbloc analysis, to investment financial calculations etc. What amazed me was his non pushy attitude towards customers, always placing customers’ interest first, by always sharing with them all possible options, and analysing with them on what works best for them. Because of this trait, alan wee had received plenty of testimonials from customers and awards and recognition on a company level as well.
I am sure that Alan wee will continue to both shine as leader and as outstanding salesperson.”

ERA Group Division Director – Eugene Lee

“I first met Alan during his training session. I was impressed with his knowledge and attention to details. His friendliness also made it easy to approach him for questions. What made a lasting impression though was his willingness to show us the ropes during our door knocking session. His positive attitude really rubbed off on me & gave me the confidence to approach every house. Alan uses his life experiences to teach us what to do and what not to do. His willingness to share these with us is invaluable.”

ERA Associate – Venka

“Alan is a strong and consistent performer. He is constantly improving himself through learning and upgrading his skills. He is generous in imparting his knowledge and skills. I am impressed that he often volunteers for the division training despite how busy he is. In the face of difficulty, he does not give up. He gets creative and even more hardworking. A true role model for new agents to follow.”

ERA Senior Marketing Director – Cindy Teo

How I can help you?

I firmly believe that all agents regardless new or experiences agents have different needs. Some will be more hungry that others. Others may have family priority over career. And some on a part timers basis. Regardless your objectives. I will give my 101% to you. Here is a summary on what i can offer to you!


Regular one to one meet up to review your business model.

Follow me to my appointments to understudy.

Sharing session on market trends/prospecting strategies.

Team Support

Supporting you in your business.

Participate in joint ventures.

Team sharing and training.

Division Support

Addition support from Division Directors.

Division award recognition.

Division team bonding activities.

“Real estate sales is not a easy trade. But by having the right platform, team work and a sharing culture.

I believe we can always do better for our loves ones.

I am sincere in helping you to succeed.

Join me! Join ERA!”

Alan Wee

Your Success Begins With ERA!

For more information. You are welcome to contact me.