This is a website for aspiring property agents or experience property agents that have plans to explore a career with ERA. 

Who am i

Hi. my name is Alan Wee. I’m a property agent with ERA.

I started my real estate career in late 2009. Back then, I was recently retrenched and jobless. Finding a job was very tough back then. I took a leap of faith and joined ERA as a professional housing agent. My first 7 months was disastrous. I was firing blank bullets and not knowing what I was doing. I had sleepless nights and I wonder why did I forgo a stable employment to go into uncertainty! During those initially months, I only closed a few miserable deals that couldn’t even cover my living expenses. I was always wondering how this can even be a career?

Deep in my heart, I knew that is the job that can help me to achieve a career breakthrough. I kept faith in myself. I read books, upgrade myself through training and observing how experiences agents approach their business. I learn through trail and errors. Through heartache and countless pain. Slowly, with grit determination and hard work over the years. I slowly mastered the art of selling and progressed to become a consistent top achiever in ERA.

Now, my primary focus is on residential properties that comprises of HDB, condominiums to landed properties. I am blessed to be in ERA where I can leverage on the company branding and various platforms to achieve breakthrough results.

Over the past 12 years, my secrets to success in this business are summaries in the Sales Success part of this website. I hope I can enlighten you through my own experiences.

Here, I believe that success can be duplicated. I hope to impart my skills to those that aspire to achieve the same success as me. Come Join me. Your Success Begins with ERA!

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My Humble Achievements​

ERA Top 300 Achiever

Year 2020

ERA Top 100 Achiever

Jan 2020

ERA Top 400 Achiever

Year 2019

ERA Top 400 Achiever

Q1 2020

Top 100 Achiever

Jan 2020

ERA Top 300 Achiever

Q3 2019

ERA Top 100 Achiever

May 2019

Top 600 Achiever

Year 2018

ERA Top 200 Achiever

Year 2016

new aspiring agent

Explore a career in property sales

Are you exploring a career in sales? Do you have any doubts if this can be a real career? Read on to find out more. But are you in the following circumstances first:

If you belong to anyone of the above, I welcome you to join me in a career in property sales!

It’s not easy to work on a 100% commission based income and with no fixed salary. I was there before and I truly understand that! Here, nobody says it will be easy. But it’s not impossible either. To survive and do well in this industry requires a whole host of qualities one must possess to achieve success. These qualities can be cultivated!

You don’t need to have prior experiences in sales to make it in housing sales. Neither do I when I first started!

What you need is a positive mindset, willing to learn and unlearn, work hard and take lots of rejections. For those who are looking to explore a property career whether as a part time or full-time career, I warmly welcome you on board. I am sure with my proven sales strategies, You can succeed too!

Frequently Asked Questions

For new agents

I do not have any past sales experiences. Can I still do sales?

Yes you can. Sales is a skill that can be learned. I started off without any sale experiences anyway.

I am always skeptical about sales jobs. Can this really be a career?

Sale is never an easy career. It required a lot of mental and psychological strength to survive. Real estate sales can become a very rewarding career if you treat this job seriously. Many have done that too. If you never try. You will never know.

Will there be any training provided?

Yes. Training are conducted regularly in ERA that covers policies, market trends to specialize sales training. On a personal level, I will also conduct addition training sessions to accelerate your learning curve.

Is this a 100% commission based career. Will there be any basic salary?

This is a 100% commission based career. There is no basic salary. In this way, you will be driven to succeed.

I am not highly educated. Can I still do well in real estate?

You only need to possess 4 GCE ‘O’ Level passes. In sales, the sky is the limit. You do not need to be highly educated to succeed. Do you know? Close to 20% of ERA monthly Top Achievers only have ‘O’ level & below qualification only!

I do not have that determination and drive to commit 100%. Can I still join?

Yes. You are still welcome to join. However, your income will be correlated with your time and effort you have put in.

I have plans to work as a part timer. I am a semi-retire/full time mother/retirees. Can I still join?

Real estate sales is a very flexible job. You work based on your own time. Here, I welcome all part-timers, retirees, full time mothers, retrenched personal and fresh graduated, etc.

Seriously. will you help me to succeed? 

Yes. I will help you to succeed! Because if you succeed. It will reflect well on me too. Here, it also take two hands to clap. You must be willing to learn and put in the time and effort to reap the fruits of you.

I Am Not Driven. Can I Still Do Sales?

Yes. You still can do sales. But your sales commission is directly proportion to your drive.

Can I Put In Minimum Amount Of Effort And Expect To Make Lots Of Money?

I am afraid property sales is like running your own business. You need to invest time and effort to see results. In the short term, you may have to live on your saving before you see results.

How Much Can I Potentially Earn?

The sky the limit! It is possible to earn more than a million dollar in a year if you adopted the right strategies and lots of hard work. On another extreme. You could be scoring zero sales and throw in the towel as soon as you get in.  

What is the secrets to success in property sales?

To become a successful agent take time and a whole host of qualities you need to possess to make it work. Such qualities include having good communication skill, empathy, discipline and determination. You may wish to read up on the Sales Success for more secrets to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

For experiences agents

I am not doing well in my sales. Can you help me?

Sales is always a cause and effect. You reap the rewards for what you sow. If you can share with me more about your daily & weekly activities. I believe I can help to identify the weakness in your business and make recommendation to improve them. 

I am looking for more mentorship and guidance.

I have started this business in 2009 without any mentor and I can fully understand your frustration. Here, I am committed to guide and groom you to become a successful agent.

I am not very active in sales. I want to do things at my own pace.

I welcome all experiences agents with different needs to come on board. My level of support remain the same regardless if you are an inactive, part time or full time agent.

I have plans to do project sales in 2021.

You have joined the right company. ERA has been appointed to market close to 9,200+ new launches units in 2021. There are more projects appointment in the pipeline.

Registration Criteria​

You MUST: Be A Singapore Citizen Or Singapore PR, At Least 21 Years Old, And Possess 4 GCE ‘O’ Level Passes, Possess A Pass In The Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Examination Or Equivalent.

You MUST NOT: Be An Undischarged Bankrupt, Hold Any Criminal Records Of Fraud Or Dishonesty, Have Any Records Of Complaints Or Convictions, And Must Not Hold Any Moneylender’s Licence.


Salesperson Registration

Individuals who wish to join the property industry as a salesperson must pass the Real Estate Salesperson examination.


Register with ERA

Make an appointment with me to go to ERA APAC Centre to submit the application.


Approval of Application

CEA will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to approve an application. Upon approval, CEA will send a notification to you and ERA.

ERA Recruitment Package 2021

For new agents

CEA Fee : New agent PAYS $0 for 2021 & 2022. (PAID by ERA for 2 consecutive years)
Work Kit : New agent PAYS $0 for 2021 & 2022. (PAID by ERA for 2 consecutive years)

ERA Recruitment Package 2021

For Experience agents

CEA Fee : Experienced agent PAYS $0 for 2021 & 2022. (PAID by ERA for 2 consecutive years)
Work Kit : Experienced agent PAYS $0 for 2021 & 2022. (PAID by ERA for 2 consecutive years)
With income proof of more than $20K for past 12 months , Joiner receives $500 Cash.

I believe that with the right mindset and adopting the right strategies, one can unleash the eagle within oneself. And with my proven platform and mentorship, you may one day become the next top achiever in ERA! The Sky’s The Limit!

Alan Wee