ERA Asia Pacific Business Conference (APBC) 2018

ERA Asia Pacific Business Conference (APBC) 2018

Do you know ERA will conduct their yearly APBC In February to recognize the top achievers in ERA. The competition in ERA is so intense that getting into the TOP 300 out of 6,000 plus agents is almost a distant cry for most.


They always lament that it is easier to get into TOP 50 or TOP 100 for smaller agency. But do you know? In ERA, you are competing against the best in the industry. You are competing not only against others but most importantly against yourself!


Fortunately, ERA management is understanding. Come APBC 2018. ERA will recognize the TOP 600 agents out of 6,000 plus agents. This is the top 10% of ERA. The home of the elites!


Join ERA. Your Success Begins with ERA!

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