Transforming to a DIGITAL Agent

Transforming to a DIGITAL Agent

Over the last 8 years. I have witness how the real estate industry has transform over the years. A few good examples is how we used to rely on newspapers to advertise for our property listings or search for properties. Today, the era is digital and most rely on internet portals.


Another example is how we used to call cobroke agents to enquires on specific properties. Nowadays, we communicate via mainly SMS & whatapps.


The industry has gone digital! From whatapps document, to using google drive & sharing photos online, etc.


To stay relevant. Agents need to be go digital. It’s not whether we like it or not. But to embrace changes to succeed in this brand new era.


Your Success Begins with ERA.


Your Success Begins by going DIGITAL


Just like our TV channels. We are going digital by end of the year.


Stay tune to this page for more digital training specially created for property agents.


Join ERA. Your Success Begins with ERA!

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