Do You Need a Mentor?

Do You Need a Mentor?

Do You Need a Mentor?

There are some that say real estate sales is all about yourself. You don’t need a mentor.

However, there are some that say having a mentor is essential. Becos they guide you from making costly mistakes.

This is my take. In the real estate business model. Your upline (or manager) that you are under will override a small commission from you whenever you close a deal. That is his (her) incentive to recruit & mentor you. There are no free lunch btw.

Why not leverage on him for his expertise afterall there is one? If he is a good mentor. He should the least do the following:

1. Give you first hand information on market trends.
2. Work with you to strategies your plans.
3. Guide you to avoid making costly mistakes. (A lot of new agents does that)
4. Share with you the trade secrets (not really secrets but more on his experience & views) so that you can elevate your progress quickly.
5. Organize property related activities to enrich your knowledge.
6. Conduct in house trainings.
7. Be a listening ear to you whenever you have problem.
8. Help solve your problems.

This mentor need not be a producer (A top agent). Becos a top agent will not have time for you! Tio boh?

Find someone that you are comfortable with that share your vision and your objective. Someone that is sincere to help you to succeed in this business.

Regardless whether you are FULL time, PART time or NO time agent.?

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