Part Time or Full Time Agent?

Part Time or Full Time Agent?

Part Time or Full Time Agent?


This has always been the biggest dilemma for new agents. Should they do part time while holding down their full time job. Or should they quit for good and forgo their regular pay check?
No right or wrong. It solely boils down to oneself and ones consideration.

But let me shared more in details:

For a part time agent. You will be physically stretch on top of your family commitments. Doing sales on a weekend is a likely-hood. Closing deals from friends or relatives would most likely be the case. However, the plus point is that you will still have your regular salary until you are more confident to quit for good.

For a full time agent. You start learning on the job. You will be more committed and spend time attending training and such. But you will have to live on your saving. How long can it last? You will always ask. There is always uncertainty working on a 100% commission based career.

Whichever the case. If you want to EXCEL in this trade. You must be committed to be a FULL TIME agent. This is not a game of cards. This is YOUR BUSINESS & MY BUSINESS!
Your own business will need your 101% commitment! But make sure you have enough funds to last cold harsh winter ahead….

But if you plan to do this as a retirement job, casual job, full time mum & part time agent type. You are also most welcome. There is no right or wrong. Most importantly, you must feel happy doing it! ?

Give me a call and i will customize a plan just for you.

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