Catching up on lost ground

Catching up on lost ground

Do you know. In the property industry. The busy period is usually after CNY & end in October.

November to December are traditionally quieter months. This is because the school examination should have completed and most family would be on vacation.

So if you are a brand new agents thinking why there are no calls and few enquires. Do not panic! This is very normal. Activities volume should decline by 30-50% from your usual norm.

So what should you do then? It’s either you join them for vacation to recharge yourself. Else you can seize this opportunity to catch up on lost ground.

You can either attend trainings. Meet up with your managers to refresh your strategies or friends to share new ideas. Alternatively, you can self improve by reading on sales books or basically just google.

Stay relevant and upgrade yourself for tomorrow. As the saying goes about there are no ugly woman, only lazy woman. (Apply to men too!)

It’s the same for property agents like you! There are no lousy salesman. Only lazy salesman.

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