Going through your darkest nights?

Going through your darkest nights?

I recall when I first started out. I do not have the luxury of having a good manager to learn from. Neither do I have any helpful colleagues. I was all by myself.

But I know I need to learn from somewhere if nobody is going to teach me anything anyway. So I went to the library to read books. It was pretty tough then. I read and read until I chance upon a beautiful book written by William Wong (CEO of realstar that deal with landed properties)

That was my property bible I recall. Becos I do not have any money back then. I secretly photocopy his entire book. I read and re-read his books when I was lost. You can say this book was my life saver when I was going through the darkest nights in my career.

Are you suffering through the darkness nights in your sales career too? Are you lost? I humbly suggest you to borrow this book. The best book for any aspiring real estate agents!

*I finally got a chance to buy his book in person way back in 2012 for his sharing in NUS.

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