Staying Digital

Staying Digital

SPH laying off staffs is a good example how newspaper has gone digital today. The good old days of flipping newspaper on trains and buses are long gone.

Only those that are armed with digital skills will be retain as of now in SPH.

It’s the same for all industry. Whether you are a property broker like myself. There will be causality in the years going forward. Whether you like it or not. Your job is going to be replaced oneday. There is no certainty. Only certainty by arming yourself with new skills to survive.

Here, property brokers will still be around in the next decade or so. But only the strongest and those that can change to adapt.

That is why through my observation, those that are in the analogy era will be phrased out oneday.

To become a digital agent is the only way forward. The choice is yours.

Stay digital. Looking forward to my Digital Agent Part 2 training.

SPH starts retrenching staff

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