ERA’s growth has come full circle as we move back to Toa Payoh for our new offices. We’re acquiring a commercial property at 450 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, and we’re sure many of you are intimately familiar with the area. After all, we actually operated out of that very commercial property before we moved out.

Now, we’re back and better than ever. Renovations are underway for you to have a lush, spacious place for work, meeting clients, and recruiting new teammates.

The exciting new features for the property include:

•    A premium VIP Lounge for your meeting and recruitment purposes

•    Two training theatres which can host a total of 400 participants

•    More workspaces for you and your teammates

The property will also serve as the headquarters of ERA Asia Pacific, increasing opportunities for you to network with teammates across the region.


You can read more on the new office here>>>

Do you know In ERA. We believe in sharing to groom the next batch of achievers. Here we have quarterly sharing of Top Achievers on what they do & how they did it.

It’s truly amazing that they all look so simple from the outside. But behind each individual there lies a unique formula on how they did it.

Come join me for the next Dynamic Dialogue! And we shall aspire to be the next Top Achiever together!

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Next year will be a decent year for the Singapore property market – “That’s a no brainer” – Jack Chua CEO of APAC Realty.

If you have plans to become a property agent or switch from other agencies.


Come join ERA! The largest international real estate agency in Singapore.

Sometimes in order to do well in real estate sales, we complicated matters.

We think of the most comprehensive solution. The most complex system. And some even integrated everything together.

But the truth is. Consumer only want a simple solution to their problem.

Simplicity is the key.

I recall when I first started out. I do not have the luxury of having a good manager to learn from. Neither do I have any helpful colleagues. I was all by myself.

But I know I need to learn from somewhere if nobody is going to teach me anything anyway. So I went to the library to read books. It was pretty tough then. I read and read until I chance upon a beautiful book written by William Wong (CEO of realstar that deal with landed properties)

That was my property bible I recall. Becos I do not have any money back then. I secretly photocopy his entire book. I read and re-read his books when I was lost. You can say this book was my life saver when I was going through the darkest nights in my career.

Are you suffering through the darkness nights in your sales career too? Are you lost? I humbly suggest you to borrow this book. The best book for any aspiring real estate agents!

*I finally got a chance to buy his book in person way back in 2012 for his sharing in NUS.

Do you know. In the property industry. The busy period is usually after CNY & end in October.

November to December are traditionally quieter months. This is because the school examination should have completed and most family would be on vacation.

So if you are a brand new agents thinking why there are no calls and few enquires. Do not panic! This is very normal. Activities volume should decline by 30-50% from your usual norm.

So what should you do then? It’s either you join them for vacation to recharge yourself. Else you can seize this opportunity to catch up on lost ground.

You can either attend trainings. Meet up with your managers to refresh your strategies or friends to share new ideas. Alternatively, you can self improve by reading on sales books or basically just google.

Stay relevant and upgrade yourself for tomorrow. As the saying goes about there are no ugly woman, only lazy woman. (Apply to men too!)

It’s the same for property agents like you! There are no lousy salesman. Only lazy salesman.

In ERA. We empower agents to be well verse in our ability to advise our clients.

Today, we have the honor of Mr Sim from Sim Mong Teck & Partners to share with us legal advises when serving foreign clients to purchase of Sentosa Cove properties.

It’s only through such sharing that agents like ourselves will know how to protect our clients interests.

Btw, such weekly training are FREE in ERA.

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