Experience Agent

What ERA Can Offer You?


How Can You Help Me?

Q 1: I am not doing well in my sales. Can you help me?

A: Sales is always a cause and effect. You reap the rewards for what you sow. If you can share with me more about your daily & weekly activities. I believe I can help to identify the weakness in your business and make recommendation to improve them. In addition, I can share with you my expertise in digital marketing so that you can accelerate your sales to become a #Digital Agent!

Q 2: I am looking for more mentorship and guidance.

A: I have started this business in 2009 without any mentor and I can fully understand your frustration. Here, I am committed to guide and groom you to become a successful agent.

Q 3: I have plans to do project sales in 2018.

A: You have joined the right company. ERA has been appointed to market close to 9,200+ new launches units in 2018. There are more projects appointment in the pipeline.

Q 4: I am not very active in sales. I want to do things at my own pace.

A: I welcome all experiences agents with different needs to come on board. My level of support remain the same regardless if you are an inactive, part time or full time agent.

Q 5: I have plans to do resales in 2018.

A: I am an active resale agent for the past 9 years. I have experiences dealing with HDB, private condo and landed properties. I can share with you my knowledge to prevent potential pitfalls facing even experience agents.

Q 6: How is your management style?

A: I am a strong believer in team work. And always encourage team members to be involved in training and activities. I will also privately approach weaker team members to see how I can assist them. However, I would’t dictate what you should do after all we are all self-employed and be responsible for our own sales.

Q 7: I am a commercial / industrial agent. Are there opportunities for me in ERA?

A: A definite yes! ERA has produce many commercial / industrial agents that achieve remarkable results. Although this segment has many smaller niche players. ERA still stood out with its brand name. Moreover, ERA is also appointed to market various commercial and industrial new launch for sale.

Q 8: I want to seek a breakthrough and accelerate my sales. Can I achieve that in ERA?

A: Yes. In sales the sky the limit. In ERA, we have seen agents achieving breakthrough results through both resale and new launch. ERA provide you the best platform for you to accelerate your sales. You must leverage on it and do your best to seize such opportunities.

Step 1: Register with ERA

Go to Picture Me photo studio (www.pme.com.sg) to take a corporate passport size photo shoot.

Make an appointment with myself to go to ERA HQ @ Mountbatten Square to submit the application.

Please bring along your:

  • Original NRIC
  • Real estate & academic qualification certificate
  • Soft copy of your passport size photo
  • ATM card for some payment

Step 2: Pending CEA approval and Resignation

ERA will submit on your behalf to CEA for your registration as a salesperson with ERA. CEA will take appropriate 5 to 6 weeks for approve. During this time, you are still eligible to practice by holding on to your existing ID tag. Once CEA approve and update your new status in CEA website. You may proceed to tender your resignation with your existing company. Once they approved your resignation. You will receive your ERA ID tag.

ERA Recruitment Incentives 2018 - Recruit 1-3-5

Qualifying Period : CEA Registrations from 8th May to 8th November 2018

Experience agents please refer to the 3rd and 4th row.


Experience agents are required to pay Registration Fees of $463.50 first. ERA will pay you a $300 cash incentive if you have income of $10k – $20k in the last 12 months. ERA will also reimburse you $283.50.

ERA will pay you a $500 cash incentive if you have income of more than $20k in the last 12 months. ERA will also reimburse you $463.50.

*Joining Fee @ Registration $463.50 : $230 (2018 Reg Fee) + $53.50 (Admin Fee) + $180 (ERA Work Kit).

“Give me a call for a one to one private discussion to find out how I can help you in your sales!”

For more information. You are welcome to contact me.