How to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in Singapore

10 Criteria You Must Have!

If you’re reading this article, I believe you have some intention to become a housing agent in Singapore.

In this guide, I’m going to give you the advice I wish I had when I started my career in 2009. I’ll walk you through each baby steps and help to address most of your questions that you have.

After going through these, you will ask yourself if becoming a real estate agent the right career move for you? And if it is, what’s the best route to success? Ready to get started? Here are the 10 criteria you must have to become a successful real estate agent in 2018.

No 1. You need to look presentable

You do not need to be very handsome or pretty to be in this industry. If you happen to have, it will be an advantage. If you don’t, it’s perfectly alright. Most importantly, you must be presentable. Just do not look sloppy and dress well especially if you are meeting your clients.

No 2. You need to be self-motivated

As a real estate agent, you’re technically not employed by your agency rather it is an associate – agency relationship. That means you’re just an independent contractor. You have to be self-motivated to work on deals. If you are those that constantly require others to push you, this career may not be suitable for you.

No 3. You must have a backup income

You should have enough money saved up to make it for at least nine months without a commission or keep your day job for a while. This money consists of both your family and working expense. Assuming your family expenses is $3,000 per month and your working expenses (inclusive transport, food, advertising expenses) is $2,000 per month. You need to save up to $45,000 at least for the first 9 months. ($5,000 x 9 months) Otherwise, you will be extremely stressed out without having a stable income.

Unless you have some family members or friends ready to buy or sell a home, you can go for many months without an income. The majority of agents who drop out usually have commitment and bills to pay. They usually drop out within the first or second year in the business.

No 4. You don’t need to have real estate background.

Contrary to what many people will tell you, you don’t need to have a real estate background to be in this trade. It’s good to have. But it’s not a must have. Many successful agents are none the less not from the real estate industry. Many come into this trade because they are retrenched, change of industry, etc..

No 5. You need marketing and selling skills.

It will be an advantage if you have previously worked in sales or marketing related jobs. However, marketing and selling skills can be learned. Not all of us are born with it. You can read up, attend training or learn from fellow colleagues. After all we are in the business of selling homes. These skills are essential for success.

No 6. You need communication and closing skills.

To be a successful agent, you need to communicate professionally and efficiently with cobroke agents and clients. Similar to marketing and selling skills. These skills can be learned.

No 7. You need to have technology skills.

The era of selling houses today has transformed drastically. You need to have a set of good technology skills to work on computers, internet as well as using social media.  It is not a pre-requisite but it will be a useful skill to have.

No 8. You need to work on evenings and weekends

Most of real estate agents work revolved when our clients are not working. If you are unwilling to sacrifice your evenings and weekends? Look elsewhere. Success in real estate will be virtually impossible for you.

No 9. You need to find a good agency to join.

Here, after you have cleared your real estate examination. You need to find a good agency to work for and cut your teeth in the industry. Preferably, look for an established agency that offers training, support, branding as well as a convenient office location. There are many choices around, so choose the agency that best fits your criteria

No 10. You need a good manager.

You need a good manager to follow and learn the ropes from. Find a manager that is willing to teach and share with you the tricks of the trade. This will cut short your learning curve drastically. Why reinvent the wheel when you have someone successful to learn from?

Finding a good manager is an important consideration for any aspiring agents. He need not be a Top Producer because those in that category will be too busy to guide you. Find someone this you are comfortable to work with and is sincere to help you do even better than him!

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